Thursday, April 3, 2008

April 2: Food and paint, but not all at once

Tonights dinner: Braised lamb shank, roasted veggies, and brown rice with pan sauce.
lamb shank dinner

Last week: Aspragus chowder.
aspragus chowder

Weekend breakfast: Hawaiian bread French toast.
Hawaiian bread French toast

Today, I bought VOC-free (VOC means volatile organic compounds) paint for my ceilings and walls. Good for the planet, and good for me and my asthma- and allergy-ravaged respiratory system. The ceiling paint is a little thicker than regular paint so it won't drip as much. The ceiling will be off white, the bedroom will be "Nightfall," and the bathroom will be "Crisp Morn." The customer service guy at the Home Depot was awesome. He looked my supplies over and strongly suggested I put just about all of it back in exchange for a $10 kit, an extension pole, and some tray liners for the tray that came with the kit. He saved me about $30! Very nice considering I questioned his color-matching job on my bathroom color. I told him it looked whiter than the blue-gray I wanted. He patiently popped the can lid, smeared it on my paint chip, dried it, and showed me that it would, indeed, dry the exact same color. He said that since it was a semi-gloss (my bathroom color), it would look a little lighter.
Fresh aire choice paint

I'm seriously hoping to paint tomorrow night, but of course, I'm behind on my time line; my room is still a disaster. Ceiling painting may have to wait until Saturday!

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Becca said...

Oh my gosh! You are making me hungry! Your food looks so delicious!