Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I painted the ceilings in my bathroom and bedroom on Sunday. The plan was to get a jumpstart on Saturday and have it done Sunday. Next thing I knew, it was Sunday, and I'd slept in, getting up at what I hoped would be an early enough hour to catch my mom to wish her a happy Mom's day before she and Dad left for bingo. After a conversation, I cooked a decent lunch, then, around 1, I started. I cleaned the walls, tried to take the vent covers and switch/plug plates off without damaging too much (they'd been painted on by the previous painters), and decided I was too lazy for taping or drop clothes. Thank goodness for edging pads and patience! No drips (of consequence). Status: ceilings painted, most of the bathroom painted. The bit of bathroom wall closest to my bedroom isn't painted because ... I ran out of paint. I got a quart, but underestimated how dark my starting color was and, therefore, how much I'd need to cover it. I'm trying to see if I can coax a creative idea out of my brain aside from going back for another quart. I don't know if I can get a sample jar, or if I can get a sample jar of the gloss finish. The real bummer is that it's the bit of wall that holds my medicine cabinet, so until I figure something out, the cabinet is just hanging out in my bedroom. Which I'm hoping to paint tomorrow. Tonight, I was hoping to be asleep by bedtime (11 p.m.). It's 12:33 a.m. I will make a concentrated effort to fall asleep as soon as I finish writing this (because making concentrated efforts to sleep always works, right?).

Also on tap for someday: try to fit most of my office into my closet so it's not crowding out my bedroom. Maybe I should get a murphy bed ... maybe I should think of one thing at a time. Like hanging the shelving solutions I picked up from IKEA.

Anyway, I love how my bathroom looks now--so much brighter and cheerier. I chose the color of the Arizona sky at sunrise, and I think it's a good approximation! Just when I thought sitting on the commode couldn't get any more inspiring. ;)

You can't really see much aside from the curtain in the before picture. And you can't really tell the color in the after picture. And also, my camera seems to be giving everything an unsightly sienna-red-orange tint lately ...
bathroom shower curtainbathroom

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