Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Answers to Christopher Lowell's Survey from April 2007

Dream it, do it, etc. I read a bit of his book and answered the questions he advised people answer before decorating their places.

1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be a cultural center—a neighborhood with a view of life and different people. It would have urban opportunity and melting pot sensibility. People would interact with their environment and with each other.

Interpretation: I get rejuvenation from the people around me and my environment, which would affect all senses.

2. What do you want to be when you grow up? When I grow up, I want to be a wordsmith, reading and writing and surrounded by words—as communication, art, and necessity.

Interpretation: I need an environment to support this.

3. What makes you feel safe, cozy, and protected? A close circle of friends and of space makes me feel safe, cozy, and protected. Soothing and soft light against the dark I’ve always feared. A beloved warmth against a welcome chill, the goosebumps just beyond the perimeter, in reach to remind me of what I love of life.

Interpretation: I must have these for comfort—an ability to surround myself and know what’s around me.

4. What does pampering mean to you? Pampering means lounge space—room to just be, slow and sensual and spoiled, but challenged. Anything that comes too easily is boring. Food should be delicious, but not just served to you on a platter. A bed should be fine linens and soft fabrics, but rumpled and lived in.

Interpretation: I like to work for what I get and be involved with the process of obtaining it, but then being allowed to enjoy it once I have it.

5. If you could acquire just one object, what would it be? If I could acquire just one object, it would be the color red, at least a hint, everywhere I looked.

Interpretation: This is a sensory device, something tangible, yet not—something fluid and shapeable.

6. What sound do you love most? The sound I love most is of song. Music itself is nice, but the voice is so powerful and words so moving. Even off-key or obnoxious, I love to hear people sing.

Interpretation: Communication, sound, song, melody, harmony, something easy, yet something that yearns for attention. Something I can study.

7. What is your favorite human quality? Of all qualities humans possess, human kindness is my favorite.

Interpretation: I want to be surrounded by this, and I want to be this.

8. What would you do if you could pamper yourself every day? To make myself feel pampered and indulged every day, I’d lay in a hammock with a yummy sandwich and a good book, or maybe sit at a wood table with a delicious homemade dinner. There’d be nice music and sometimes great company, and fresh live flowers on the table.

Interpretation: Food is a central theme, and physical comfort and sensual comfort is important.

9. What three menial chores would you get rid of if you could? Three small tasks I’d like to get rid of are dusting, scrubbing the stovetop, vacuuming.

Interpretation: I don’t like when my things get dusty, dirty, grimy, and while I love tactile features and touching things, seeing them encroached upon and invaded and undoing the damage is gross.

10. Rust.

Interpretation: Reminds me of Tan Raspberries, mom’s curtains, sunrises and smoggy sunsets. This color makes my brain spark and come alive.

11. The thing I like most about myself is my ability to make things work, make ends meet, come up with creative solutions.

Interpretation: My ability to make things work—I need space to do this. To make things work and work things out.

12. The most courageous thing I’ve ever done is grabbed the bull by the horns when I was in financial trouble and worked my ass off to pay off my debts. Also, letting my current boyfriend into my life. He’s amazing.

Interpretation: I need to be allowed to just do things with gusto, fearlessly.

13. The happiest moment of my life to date … my birthday potlucks, with all my friends and good food around in a safe familiar place … dinner with Carol and Charles on their deck at Innsbrooke with fireflies dancing around us … snuggling with Robert into sleep.

Interpretation: I love food and friends and cozy surroundings, either familiar or new and wondrous—again, things that appeal to the senses.

14. The one thing I’ve done for myself that makes me most proud is taking care of my money problems as best as I can, by myself.

Interpretation: I must continue to be allowed to take care of things, learn new things, be with old things I’m comfortable with.

I want a tactile place—a touchable place for all my friends and my passions—my passions for words, art, colors, smells, tastes. I want my private space for introspection, but a space I can open up when I want to let the stale air out and the fresh air in. Though I want to be able to bring people in more than I want to feel exposed. I want a malleable place to suit my moods and give me room to breathe and change, adjust and adapt. It should be dust-free. =) I want a place that encourages food and family and comfort and quiet and song and boldness at the same time.

I’m picturing window seats where I can lounge and relax and have a view out. I’ve always wanted a window seat. I’ve always wanted a window seat. A place where I can put my feet up, lean back, read, eat, drink iced tea, take in sun or rain. There are lines and fabrics—soft cushions on contemporary urban furniture. There’s bold rust-painted iron with organic sweeps. There are books everywhere. Everywhere, words. Things to touch and hold and interact with. There’s white and bright and airy colors and sunlight. There’s warm, light wood—maples and birch and pine. Everything’s simple and sleek, except for the frills in the background—the Nouveau bold lines with organic sweeps and points.

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