Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Feb. 16: The Lead-in and start

I live here:
It's not as dramatic as the site's music makes it out to seem.

Here's my floor plan:
my condo's foorplan
The square footage includes the patio, I think ... the actual living space is 13 feet wide, and each section (front room, kitchen, and bedroom) is about 12 feet deep. I closed escrow at the end of April in 2007, around April 24, so my year anniversary is coming up. I'm still figuring out how to make the space work.

Maybe I should bring in the person who staged it when it was still the model unit (got a rad discout because it was the model):
staged as model unit

staged as model unit
I liked the bistro set (available at Target). To be honest, though, it reminded me of all the apartment leasing offices I've been in. The red dish towel is nice, too, but I love red.

The lead-in to the cure:

Feb. 16 -- Jon and Jess' wedding, made a cake, caught the boquet, danced, came home emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted. Brought home two bunches of flowers--a table centerpiece from the groom's mom, and the bride's bouquet, which I caught during the toss. The former went on the kitchen counter, and the latter went in the bathroom.
centerpiece for Jess and Jon's wedding I caught the bouquet!
Feb. 17 -- Slept off and on all day
Feb. 18 -- Hooray for being a civil employee on President's Day. Officially started the cure ... okay, kinda started the cure. Did a deep clean on the front room and kitchen, and started filling my outbox. Started with books, then went to workout equipment I didn't use anymore, then to random stuff around the front room.

I'll have to use the next post to backtrack so I can show before photos ... and before before photos (after I bought it, but before the initial switcheroos).

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