Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Feb. 23: the second weekend

Feb. 23: Public Market on Saturday morning, as always, for produce. And now, for flowers, too. I bought a small bouquet from Maya's farm and split it into two again for the kitchen counter and my bathroom. The bathroom one later moved into the front room because it's so stinkin dark in my bathroom, and the flowers seemed so unhappy there.

Feb. 23 Feb. 23 Feb. 23

Spent the rest of Saturday cleaning and getting ready for a little dinner party I threw Sunday night.

The week of Feb. 24, I spent sorting through books a little more and through my ... more accessible ... clothes (those not crammed into plastic tubs into the nether regions of my closet). In the previous post, you saw a dresser in each side of my closet--the left held my office and art supplies (yes, more, and there's even MORE under my bed), and the right held clothes (I'm not a clothes horse--I just have a lot of bad clothes). I got rid of a lot of office/art supplies and emptied two drawers, then sorted through the clothes in the right dresser and winnowed all that down. So now, I have only one dresser.

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