Thursday, March 6, 2008

March 1 and this week, in progress

Poor condo bones ...
tiles to be fixed Tuesday, March 4 tiles to be fixed Tuesday, March 4 tiles to be fixed Tuesday, March 4

I cleared as much furniture as I could out of the front room and kitchen so the condo people could reset my tiles in those rooms, as well as the bathroom. Curse you, failed thinset! They spent most of Tuesday, the 4th, with the repairs. Such back-breaking work. At least the condo is small, and there were three people working on it, so it went by quickly. They told me I could walk on it, but don’t have a dance party or do jumping jacks on anything. Well, rats. I swept the floors twice, cleared the stuff off my bed, and went to sleep. The next day, they came back to try to fix my AC again. They decided to saw a hole into the opposite side of the wall from before so that (1) I didn’t have to stare from my bedroom at the innards of my condo through a gaping wall and (2) they wouldn’t screw up the patch job from the last time they tried to fix it. So now, there’s a neat hole in my bathroom … the commode room, I guess you’d call it. At least the AC works now (seemingly) and won’t drip (profusely) into my kitchen. All this time, I’d thought it was the overflow tray. I guess it was before, or at one point … this time, it was apparently mostly due to a hole that the last repair guys accidentally drilled through the drain pipe. RAD TIMES. So they replaced that section of pipe and increased the drain pipe’s recline angle, so hopefully it won’t drench my dinner guests when the AC really gets going. If only I could wrap a muffler around it … hmm—something to research, now!

I’ve been contemplating creating clearly demarcated areas in my front room. I think “Maybe I’ll put the futon in the center of the room, facing the entertainment center, which will be flanked by a couple of chairs. Then I’ll have a conversation space. And when I have game nights, I’ll push the futon back and put the coffee table in the middle of the group. Then, I can have my dining table behind the futon against the wall opposite the entertainment center.” Then I imagine eating at the table, and I imagine myself thinking, “I’m eating behind the futon … “ Maybe the space, whose longest wall is 13 feet (that’s the span I’d be bisecting—but not into equal parts), is too small to really portion out like that.

I’ve been scooting little cut-out shapes representing my furniture around a grid paper floor plan of my front room for two weeks now. I wish I could put my futon on a diet—it’s so fat. I love it, though, and with occasional guests, it’s great to have. It was also the biggest purchase I made for my condo. I’m not big on shopping, but I actually shopped for this piece.

So yesterday, after the AC was repaired, I mixed up some vinegar and hot water and gave my tile floors a good scrubby mopping. I was going to haul all my furniture back out into the front room, but decided to study the space a bit more. I adjusted the shelves on my makeshift entertaintment center(I like that typo, so it’s staying, stupid time-sucking TV, polluting my life) so I could fit my TV into it.

Since I was at home on Tuesday for the tile repair, I started burning all my CDs onto my secondary hard drive that I use just for data storage (my OS is on the primary drive). I have the CDs in books, and I know I can’t sell them back if they’re not in jewel cases. Using the books saved space, but now, I have so many books that they’re taking up more space than I’m willing to give them. Strange how solutions become problems, huh? I may just donate them, since the return on them is so low, and so few places are buying them anymore; a lot of local joints have a buying freeze on CDs since so many people are just downloading music these days. Instead of just dropping them off at Goodwill, which also may not be able to sell them without jewel cases, I’ve been researching places that accept CD donations. There are places that send music to troops oversees and that use donated music as part of their music therapy programs—like one that has portable CD players and music available to sick kids in hospitals.

Eco Encore, online resale for the environment:

MusiKares, building a music library for in-house cancer patients:

Recycle for Breast Cancer, recycling anything from computer parts to cell phones to data storage media: and direct for CD info

Operation Troop Appreciation, fulfilling wish lists for troops overseas:

Or, you can dump it safely:

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