Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A full tour (Nov-Dec, but not much has changed)

When I moved out of the Heather Ridge Apartments (now called Monterey Village), I moved from a luxurious 540 square feet to 500 square feet, all in a row. While the change in square footage isn't that huge a difference, the layout in my new place isn't as effective. I miss the apartment's humble kitchen. There were more cabinets in the apartment, as well as an awesome pantry ... awesome by my standards, especially when compared to no pantry now, and not so many cabinets, and one hell of a horrible blind corner cabinet that required the use of ferrets and lead lines to use effectively ... I'd photograph it, but I'd need the visual reach of the Hubble telescope to reach those corners.

Anyway, I got rid of a lot of stuff when I moved, but I still managed to bring a lot with me. I also added some stuff. Here is how it looked in October 2007.

looking into the one-wall kitchen

the library, music room, and entertainment room portion

the dining area, gym, and entertainment room portion

the living room portion and buffet view



one-wall kitchen

part of the one-wall kitchen

And now, my biggest shame and problem--my bedroom/studio/office (the necessity of its multipurpose assignment is one of the problems, but it's unavoidable):
bedroom: arts and crafts supplies

bedroom: arts and crafts supplies

unmade bed and desk

closed closet

closet, left

closet right

out the bedroom door

Furniture with doors were meant for people like me. Wait--my bedroom has a door! Let's close it for this post.

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